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Sendai Tanabata Matsuri, 6~8 August 2012
6~8 August 2012
Ave. Nakakecho, Sendai, Miyagi

Sendai Tanabata Matsuri is an annual festival held along Ave. Nakakecho, originally built in 1928. Gorgeous decorations made with bamboo and Japanese paper called sasatake are put up in the arcades in front of Sendai Station and in all other parts of the city, in what appears to be a contest for beauty. Nowadays, Tanabata is generally celebrated as a national event on July 7th, but the Sendai Tanabata Matsuri is held in August in accordance with the lunar calendar, which was used before the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Similar events are organized throughout the nation, but the festival held here is the most famous of all. Unique to Sendai are the Seven Ornaments, which embody prayers for progress in studies or calligraphy, the wellbeing of one's family, good health and longevity, prosperous business, a large catch and a rich harvest.
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