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Vacationing to Tokyo is nothing short of a blast. From karaoke to the outrageous fashion to the dainty traditional Japanese cultural activities and to the nightlife, there is always something new and fun to experience that you just cannot find anywhere else. One of the amusing ways to spend time with friends or family is to visit a themed restaurant!

A themed restaurant is a place to dine where the atmosphere is customized to a particular idea. Imagine being transported into Alice`s Wonderland, the jailhouses of criminals, or even a Vampire`s lair! 
Luckily, a couple of friends and I had a chance to check out the Vampire Café, one of the many themed restaurants created by Diamond Dining http://www.diamond-dining.com/english/index.html . 

Located in Ginza, the Vampire Café has been around for a decade and has been a popular venue for not only friends looking to have some fun, but also business workers out with clients as well as tourists. It`s popularity and seasonal menu versatility make the Vampire Café a top choice for repeat customers. 
 Imagine entering a dark Victorian-style room decorated with red drapes and lit with 
candles. A red-eyed maid with fangs greets you hungrily and shows you to your table of doom. This is just the beginning of your vampire adventure!

As my friends and I entered the venue we passed by a huge ancient coffin and under a vintage chandelier as we were escorted to a private booth. The booth was separated from the main dining area by a thin see-through drape for privacy as well as theme perfection. 

Probably the last thing you would expect while journeying into a vampire`s lair is enjoying delicious meals. I was excited about discovering the atmosphere and quirky trinkets associated with a fun yet haunting vampire restaurant, but little did I know how surprisingly scrumptious the meals would be. From pizza and salads to meat pie and desserts, each dish came with a fun themed twist and was a tasty delight. 

If you want to really get a taste of what vampire`s desire, start with their `bloody` drinks! From rose-flavored soft drinks to `blood`-injected cocktails, there`s a treat for anyone blood thirsty. 

As you can see from the photos, each dish was set according to theme! For three people, we ordered and comfortably ate Caesar Salad, Risotto, Meat Pie, Pizza, and Cake. 

When you go to a Vampire Café, what would you expect to find? A vampire, of course! Vampire `Rosé ` has been inhabiting this café for almost as long as it has been open. Part of the popularity of Vampire Café is his authenticity and humor. You`ll have to ask him what his favorite blood type is!

Another reason themed restaurants are so popular is that the employees not only dress the part, but they also act it. I heard that a customer brought in a clove of garlic and when the vampire waitress noticed it, she shrieked and ran away, followed by an angered reaction from Rosé.   
The themed restaurants, therefore, are not just about journeying into the atmosphere of a fantasy, but are also about the experience of being in the fantasy
 land. The Vampire Café expertly enables diners to enjoy this experience down to every last detail. Now, I can impress my friends with a story of my `near-death` experience. When you`re visiting Tokyo, this is definitely an adventure you would not want to miss!

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