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Mr. Hirotaka Fukunaga, as an hotelier affiliated with establishing hotels on a global scale. Realizing Japanese hotels haven't made a name for themselves globally, Mr. Fukunaga established the first ever Japanese ryokan consortium (The Ryokan Collection), centering in on the international marketplace.
It's an organization complied of several small-scale ryokan, determined to make a mark with international guests, through product knowledge, sales skill, and promotional efforts. Currently, it is said that some 12,000 international 'well to dos' are club members. We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hirotaka Fukunaga, who is head of R Project Incorporated (KK), dedicated to bringing the allure and aesthetic value of ryokan to the world.
Received a phone call from Atsushi Takarada, the president of Takarada Electric Co.,Ltd, also the president of Akihabara Electrical Town Organization. Working for Sony became a turning point for Mr.Izumi and he is now is at the forefront of Akihabara. We had the valuable opportunity to speak to Mr.Izumi.
Wang, who is president of Sogo World Travel Ltd, has been keeping an eye on the inbound industry in Japan for more than 30 years. We had the opportunity to meet Wang, also the chairman of Asia Inbound Sightseeing Organization (AISO), to talk about the Japanese inbound industry.
Originating from the idea that the activation of street trafficking and flow is connected to the contribution of society, Willer Alliance focuses on transportation by bus. The use of the bus system in Japan is often regarded as difficult to use and high-priced. However, Willer Alliance is currently working to improve the understanding of the bus system not only for Japanese people, but also for foreigners by creating multi-lingual navigation, in addition to lowering bus prices. Willer Alliance is also looking to reform their business by gearing it towards a trafficking infrastructure for Asia. This interview is with the president of Willer Alliance, Mr. Shigetaka Murase.


This interview took place in 2008, featuring Mr. Keiichiro Yamada, who contributes for regional revitalization and tourism in Japan. As a tourism charisma. He travels around the world, introducing the world top tourism know-how, sharing his experience, as a sales promotion representative in Zermatt tourism office. Here in this interview, he talks about tourism, with a passionate discussion on the possibilities and challenges that Japan is now facing.
Japan's inbound tourism industry cannot quite get out of the slump as a result of the major earthquake. However, despite the current situation, there is one company working away on their future plans in this climate - that is HIS Co., Ltd. They have been the focus of attention for their innovative ways in the travel industry since the 1980s. In addition to the management of Huis Ten Bosch, they have recently launched a cruise line between Shanghai and Nagasaki. We had the pleasure to interview Hideo Sawada, the Chairman of HIS Co.,Ltd, to explore their future business strategies in the inbound tourism industry.