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Regional inbound activities

Reference: asahi.com

In order to overcome the decreasing number of foreign tourists affected by the earthquake and nuclear issue, Okayama is working away to bring the foreign tourists back on ground. While Okayama targets those tourists who come and visit on charter flights, they are also making efforts to accommodate bloggers and media from abroad in order for them to spread the word on Okayama's beauty.


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Reference: Hotels.com

According to the recent "Hotel Price Index" survey, which examines hotel prices worldwide, carried out by Hotels.com, on average, hotel prices worldwide increased 3% compared to the previous year. However, within the Asian countries, hotel prices have dropped by over 10%. Looking at price drops across the globe, Osaka ranked 1st (32.5% drop, 9949 yen), Kyoto 3rd (27.2% drop, 13,460 yen) and Tokyo 8th (13.9% drop 12,755 yen). Hotels.com analysed this as caused by the 3.11 earthquake and therefore resulting in a decrease in the number of Japanese holiday-makers. Especially in Kyoto, there is certainly an increasing demand during the cherry blossom (sakura) season, however, due to consequencies of the earthquake, hotels have lowered their prices.


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New facilities

Reference: Mitsuifudosan

DiverCity Tokyo, a wordplay of diversity, city and Odaiba, will open in the area of Odaiba, Tokyo in spring 2012. The ccmmercial complex will feature a shopping mall, food court, event space, amusement facilities and even a park on the roof.


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New facilities

Reference: Trick Art Museum

Odaiba, one of Tokyo's top destinations, adds two new facilities to accommodate family travelers. Tokyo LEGOLAND Discovery Centre will be opened in June 2012, featuring interactive and educational programs for children such as 4D cinema and workshop. In addition, the newly opened Trick Art Museum invites visitors to the world of trompe l'oeils, providing a "trick" experience of the human vision, featuring Japanese art elements.


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New facilities

Reference: Hikarie

Railway operator Tokyu opens Shibuya Hikarie commercial complex this summer (2012). The new building will provide culture-oriented activities and facilities, including a musical theater with a capacity of 2000 seats, and a gallery where artists can hold exhibitions and events.


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