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Source: The Ibaraki Shinbun

Ibaraki prefecture is making progress in an effort to bring foreign tourists back to the prefecture after the dip in tourism stemming from the Great Eeatern Earthquake and Fukushima power plant disaster in Fukishima. Ibaraki prefecture has done so by inviting the cooperation of surrounding prefectures and countries, including the media and tourism companies in China and Korea. Although aviation services from Seoul, Korea, have been cancelled, Shanghai's convenient services are in restoration. The prefecture is putting effort into international tourism to create the appeal of a safe and revived travel system both inside and outside Japan.


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Japan Tourism Agency

Source: Japan Tourism Agency

The Japan Tourism Agency announced that they will run a "Japan Thank you" campaign to thank all those who have supported Japan since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011. The thank you campaign includes a range of initiatives including a welcome team at major airports, Tokyo Tower, Yokohama Marin Tower, Beppu Tower, and other tourist attractions will be lit up on 11 March, Takayama city in Gifu prefecture will be offering a number of free public transportations on 11 March.


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Source: asahi.com

Multilingual Fukuoka city map designed for tourists "Now Map Fukuoka" is to be redesined for April this year. Up to date information on department stores, electronic stores will be added to the map in order to encourage more visitors to the city.


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New campaigns

Source: Kyo Aruki

Starting tomorrow, Tokyo is entering a two week Kyoto promotion campaign titled "Kyo Aruki in Tokyo 2012" in order to promote the beauty of Kyoto to the world. Participated by 132 companies, local authorities and universities, there will be a total of 75 events over the next two weeks.


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New service

Source: Travel Vision

During the Spring Conference 2012 which took place on the 6th of February, Rakuten CEO Koji Mikitani showed interest in starting business with LCC. Rakuten Travel announced back in December that they will be partnering with Peach Aviation (MM) and has started accepting accommodation and car rental bookings online on MM website. As with the partnership with MM, Mikitani is keen to work along with LCC to offer dynamic packages.


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Source: Sankei Biz

Spring Airlines, which is the only one Chinese airline letting thier flights run into Japan, is willing to expand their flight services across Japan, such as Hokkaido, South Kyushu, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.


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New service

Source: Asahi.com

With the help of foreign residents living in Mie and the surrounding prefectures, an organization in Ise city has started accepting participants to join their free guided tours. Perhaps due to the effect of the earthquake, the nuclear issue and the strong yen, there is a decreasing number of foreign tourists visiting Ise. The idea is to get foreign residents to introduce the beauty of Ise to their home country and attract visitors.


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New products

Source: JNTO

The Japanese guidebook - "Michelin Green Guide Japan" (2nd edition) is on sale from January 2 2012 in North America, will be on sale from February 1 2012 in England, around mid-February in Japan and finally from March 15 in Asia and Oceania regions.


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