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Source: Wakayama Kanko

Travel passes for foreign tourists travelling in Wakayama and Osaka are now on sale. A 2-day pass is available for 3,500 yen, and a 3-day pass for 5,500 yen. The pass also acts as a discount voucher for a selection fo tourist attractions and accommodation.


New products

Source: JNTO

The Japanese guidebook - "Michelin Green Guide Japan" (2nd edition) is on sale from January 2 2012 in North America, will be on sale from February 1 2012 in England, around mid-February in Japan and finally from March 15 in Asia and Oceania regions.


New products

Source: Travel Vision

On January 20, Nankai Electric Rialway published a leaflet named P+natts, which is targetted at female audience, with multi-lingual pages for those who travel around Japan. On the back page, it has a map of Nanba area, and coupons written in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, which are available in Nanba city and Nanba park restaurants. You may obtain a copy at major stations along Nankai Electric Rialway, or find a copy in seat pockets of Rapi:t trains, an express rail service running from Kansai Airport.


New products

Source: JNTO

The most popular guidebook series in Russia, AFISHA, has published "AFISHA Japan" on 20 January 2012. This is the very first time a guidebook on Japan is published in the Russian language. AFISHA has published guidebooks on Italy and England. Japan is the third to be published.


New products

Source: Hiroshima Quest

"Hiroshima Quest" is the perfect app for you.It is a smartphone app that offers you various tourist information of Hiroshima. "Hiroshima Quest" enables travelers to plan enjoyable trip by bookmarking information of tourist sites, writing review and communicating with other users. It is useful for all people who are just about to travel and also for those who want to visit Hiroshima in the near future.


New products

Reference: Akiba Keizai Shinbun

For foreign travelers who visit Akihabara, a multi-linguistic iPhone application, Akihabara Guide, has been released on December 9. The content is based on the book "The Best Shops of Akihabara" (2008) which collected information by interviewing foreign visitors in Akihabara about the shops they visited, the places they wanted to visit and the things they had difficulty with. It aims to help visitors enjoy the rich "otaku" culture in Akihabara.


New products

Reference: Kanaloco

Service offering information on visiting Yokohama via smartphones has been launched. The service is available in 3 languages including Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese. Information on access to the city, information on hotels, commercial facilities, restaurants are available for free. The idea is to promote Yokohama to domestic visitors as well as foreign tourists.


New products

Reference: Google News

Google will start providing indoor google map service on mobile phones to include directions within airports, stations and large shopping facilties. This will help holiday-makers including foreign tourists in Japan to get around to places within these facilties at ease. The initial service will only cover a small fraction of the great indoor transportation and shopping facilities, but Google is hoping to expand the service as more operators of shopping and transportation hubs submit their indoor floor plans so they can be mapped.


New products

Reference: JR-East

The JR Kanto Area Pass is a discounted pass sold for 8000 yen for unlimited rides in Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto area for three consecutive days. The pass can be used for unlimited rides and can even be used for reserved seats on ordinary cars on the Shinkansen, limited express and other trains. This is a perfect rail pass for those arranging visits to Mount Fuji, Izu and Karuizawa.


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