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Source: Record China

The 7th Journalist conference between Japan and China was held between June 2nd and 6th in Okinawa. On June 3rd, 10 Chinese journalists, participants of the conference, visited the Prefectural museum for another meeting. They talked about the attractive points of Okinawa from the view of Chinese tourists.



Source: The Ibaraki Shinbun

Ibaraki prefecture is making progress in an effort to bring foreign tourists back to the prefecture after the dip in tourism stemming from the Great Eeatern Earthquake and Fukushima power plant disaster in Fukishima. Ibaraki prefecture has done so by inviting the cooperation of surrounding prefectures and countries, including the media and tourism companies in China and Korea. Although aviation services from Seoul, Korea, have been cancelled, Shanghai's convenient services are in restoration. The prefecture is putting effort into international tourism to create the appeal of a safe and revived travel system both inside and outside Japan.


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